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Why do some readers have many more badges than others?

A reader earns a logging badge every time they log the prescribed number of minutes for that challenge. We set the number of minutes required to earn a badge at 60 minutes for the #808Reads challenge. During the break periods (Fall Break, Winter Break, Spring Break) we are not technically in the #808Reads challenge. Those are optional challenges, and we give badges more frequently, with the first badge earned at 20 minutes. We have also offered badges for logging as little as 1 minute on a specific day, such as January 1 for the Hau'oli Makahiki Hou badge or September 2 for the Lili'uokalani badge. Students who read during holidays and on special days could have many more logging badges than those who only read when school is in session.

You could truly have kids with fewer minutes read in total but they still have more logging badges earned than other kids because of when and how they log their minutes. Let's pretend that Kai registered for and logged only 10 minutes every day over Winter Break. Kai could have earned eight more badges than readers who didn't register, even though there weren't enough minutes logged to complete the challenge. Readers who completed the Winter Break challenge will have 11 more badges that those who didn't opt in couldn't earn.

All that discussion is specifically about logging badges though. Don't forget some of your students may also be completing the activities and earning those badges as well!

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