For schools NOT using LifeTouch, please use the following instructions:

1.  Student .jpg photos need to be named with their 10-digit student id and zipped in a folder.  For example, (1234567890.jpg)

2.  Upload the folder to either a google drive or dropbox file.

3.  Submit a ticket to TLC to request the photo upload and link to the zipped file.

4.  TLC will be able to match the student primary ID in LS2 with the student 10 digit ID.

How to Download your images from the Lifetouch Portal

  • Log in to your Lifetouch portal using the login and password that you created when invited to the website.  The website is
  • Click “DOWNLOAD IMAGESTREAM SOFTWARE” at the top right of the home screen.
  • Read the Lifetouch Imagestream License Agreement; once accepted, check the box to state that you agree to the terms
  • Find the Imagestream Version you want in the drop down box under ImageStream Version
  • Click Download

Instructions for schools using a LifeTouch CD: