Currently, schools may submit a bulk upload request to update/add information to the following fields in LS2.  

  • Borrower Alternate ID/Barcode
  • Borrower Email address
  • AUP (Y/N)


  1. Download the Bulk Upload Template csv file (bulk-upload-template)
  2. Add the information to be added/updated to the appropriate columns.
  3. The primary ID is the student 10-digit ministry number is required.  For staff, we will be moving to using the 8-digit employee id as the staff primary ID.
  4. For the Alt ID (formerly barcode in Destiny), the recommendation is to use the same number from the lunch ticket system.
    -Recommend using at least an 8-digit barcode
    -If the school does not have a numbering schema in place, the recommendation is to start with "2" then "3 digitischool code" then a numbering sequence.  i.e. 2100xxxx.  This will eliminate duplicate borrower barcodes across the district and  provide better accuracy in checking out items to the correct person.
  5. Save the csv file as "schoolcode-bulk-request.csv"  For example, for Aina Haina Elementary, name the file as 100-bulk-request.csv.
    ** Be sure to select CSV (MS-DOS) (*.csv) as the Save as type when saving your file.
  6. Login to the TLC Support site with your login information (see the support information in the LS2 module).
  7. Submit a support ticket requesting the updates. Provide any pertinent information and attached the csv file to the ticket.

NOTE: Schools do NOT need ALL columns (barcode/email/AUP.)  ONLY the relevent columns and the primary ID (column A)

Bulk Upload Process Overview- 08/27/2015 from HVLN on Vimeo.