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2022-2023 #808Reads Reading Challenge: Reading Journeys


Deep under the ocean, into outer space, an ancient civilization or a wonderful world of wizards... wherever you want to go, reading can take you there! This school year we will embark upon journeys to exotic locations around the world with #808Reads.


#808Reads is a statewide reading initiative with a mission of spreading reading throughout our culture, not just at school. Students can log their reading minutes and earn rewards and recognition while developing and learning their reading habits. Teachers can easily see what and how much students have been reading at home, to help keep them motivated and provide insights into their habits. The system is based on milestone badging for reading and some literacy activities including listening, speaking, viewing, researching, and writing. 

We begin the school year by retracing King David Kalākauaʻs 1881 trip around the world. To join the trip, students, teachers, and families can read and log minutes on 808Reads.  As readers log their minutes, they will earn badges representing stops along their tour. The first badge is earned after only 5 minutes, then readers earn a badge for every 30 minutes of reading logged up to 5 hours. After logging 300 minutes, readers will earn a new badge every 60 minutes.


All you need to do is choose something to read and track your reading in Beanstack. You will automatically start earning rewards.

Download the Beanstack Tracker App     

  • Search for your school and select it.                                                      

  • Sign in using your 10-digit student ID number (Clever username), and your birthday (mmddyy).

  • Scan your book’s barcode to see the cover pop up.

  • Log Your Reading!

No Phone? No Problem!

1  Go to http://808Reads.hidoe.us and login

Username: Your 10-digit student ID number

Password: Your birthdate (mmddyy)

2  Log Reading. Select the ‘Log Reading’ button on the page and enter how many minutes you read, along with the title.

3  Earn Virtual Badges and Recognition. As you log reading, you will earn virtual badges and special recognition at school.

Please join our school ‘ohana and #808Reads on our reading journey.

Happy Reading!

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