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#808Reads Reading Challenge FAQs

Updated 3/24/2020

  1. Is a Data Sharing Agreement required to use Beanstack?
    Yes, the Office of Curriculum and Instructional Design, School Library Services, has completed the required Data Sharing Agreement with Beanstack.

  2. How will students and teachers register in Beanstack?
    Clever will be used to roster and manage logins for students and classroom teachers at participating schools.  All other staff (non-classroom teachers, counselors, administrators, complex area and state-level staff will also be able to participate. Visit http://808Reads.hidoe.us to login today.

  3. Who should manage the school's #808Reads Reading Challenge platform?
    The school librarian is the ideal candidate to manage the school's 808Reads Reading Challenge platform as they are in the ideal position to work collaboratively with all grade levels and the school community. This person will be responsible for facilitating the school's reading challenges, handling the administration of the software, and working with teachers and students to ensure the program is a success.

  4. How many schools are currently registered as a participating school?
    Currently, there are over 80+ schools signed up.  These schools are able to create their own reading challenges and reporting.  Click here to view a currently list of participating schools.

  5. Can my school participate even if we did not register?
    Yes, all HIDOE students and staff are able to participate in the state and national reading challenges. Participate today at http://808Reads.hidoe.us.

  6. What if we missed the deadline to sign up for #808Reads, can my school still register?
    Yes, we want all schools to be able to create their own school-level reading challenges need to register and identify a #808Reads School Manager.  Complete and return the registration form: http://bit.ly/808READS_REG_FORM as soon as possible.

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