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How To Assign Titles

NOTE: Title assignments is a feature only available in the School Advantage account.

  1. Sign into your School Advantage OverDrive Marketplace account.
  2. Select Title assignments from the Admin drop-down menu.
  3. Click Create assignment in the upper-right corner of the calendar view.
  4. Click Search titles.
  5. In the pop-up, search for the title you'd like to assign. Your search results will only include One Copy/One User, Metered Access, and Simultaneous Use titles currently in your school's collection. CPC (Cost Per Circ) titles can't be assigned, so they won't appear in search results.
    Note: If you're signed in with an Advantage account, you'll only be able to assign titles in your Advantage collection or Simultaneous Use titles in the shared collection. To assign other titles in the shared collection, you'll need to sign into Marketplace with a shared collection account.
  6. From your search results, check the box next to the title you'd like to assign. Then, click Select title.
    Here you'll also find the title's format and the number of copies your school currently owns. If you see a colored dot in the "Lending model" column, click it to see more information about your school's copies (e.g., its expiration date).
  7. Finish creating the assignment by choosing your:
    • Authentication name. This refers to how your users sign into your school's OverDrive collection. If you see this field, select your school name or the option that's closest to your school name.
      Note: If you want to assign a title to users under multiple authentication names, you'll need to create separate assignments for each authentication name.
    • Start date. This is the date you want the assigned title to be automatically checked out to your users. If you select today's date as your start date, the title will be automatically checked out to your users within 3 hours.
    • End date. This cannot be more than 180 days from your start date.
    • Email address(es). Enter the email address(es) for yourself and any staff members who should receive notifications and warnings about this assignment. Please enter each email address on a separate line.
    • User IDs. Click the Add user IDs button to enter user IDs for everyone who should receive the title. Please enter each user ID on a separate line.
      Note: If none of the assigned user IDs have signed into your school's OverDrive collection, you won't be able to create the assignment. In this case, sign into your school's OverDrive collection with one of the user IDs, then create the assignment again.
  8. After you've filled out all the required fields, click Create assignment.
  9. After you've confirmed that all your information is correct, click Save.

On the assignment's start date, the title will be checked out to each assigned user, and any admins you entered in the "Email address(es)" field will receive an email reminder.

In Sora, assigned titles appear in the "Assignments" section of the Home tab and on the Shelf.

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