Chapter 57 requires that students be responsible for paying required fees and for restitution of school property that is lost through their negligence. It further allows consequences for students who do not make restitution or pay required fees. Schools have had varying degrees of success in collecting money from students for lost books, equipment, supplies, and outstanding financial obligations. While this Chapter allows schools to restrict students from participating in athletics and co-curricular activities if they have outstanding financial obligations, the following guidelines are provided to aid schools in applying these restrictions with consistency. Statewide application of these guidelines will ensure that students are treated with fairness and equity when it is found that they are responsible for the loss, destruction, breakage, or damage of school books,equipment, and supplies, including library and assigned textbooks; and nonpayment of fees.

Please note that these guidelines apply only to participation in athletics and co-curricular activities. Schools should continue to allow students to participate in field trips since field trips are intended to be an extension of the classroom. In addition, students shall be allowed to participate in other activities that are class-related, e.g., marching band(related to band class), mock trial (related to social studies class), debate (related to speech class).

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