Books and periodicals should be disposed of by following the procedures listed below. Each procedure should be attempted in the order listed until the last procedure is reached. Books must be marked "DISCARD." 

1. Exchange or transfer among DOE schools as appropriate. 

2. Sale - offers received only. State employees and members of their family are not eligible. 

3. Donate to a non-profit organization, provided that it certifies that the books will be sold at public sale. You can also donate the books to the Friends of the Library. 

4. Send abroad to other countries desirous of such books, if need known. 

5. Discard and destroy. Books should be out of date or in unrepairable condition. 

Any book or set of books costing $250 or more must have form FMS-FA3 approved before disposal. Please ensure that all books have been marked "DISCARDED" and barcodes are removed. 

Download the excerpt from the FMS User Policy and Process Flow Guide (11/2/1995) below. Disposal-of-Books-Documentation.pdf