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Getting Started with World Book

Elementary School 

Each elementary school subscribing to the CORE library bundle has been set up with IP authentication and a unique username and password.  

While on campus, IP authentication is used so students and teachers do not need to login. When off campus, students and teachers need to login with their school's unique username and password. The school librarian or school library contact will have this information.

Login URL: https://worldbookonline.com 

Click here to download a Google slide overview.

Elementary Overview

Overview of the World Book resources for elementary schools: https://vimeo.com/708869180

Secondary Schools

Each middle and high school subscribing to the CORE library bundle has been set up with Google authentication.  Students and teachers need to use their @k12.hi.us Google account to login.  This works both on-campus and off-campus.  NOTE: If your school would like to add your school Google domain, please email  slhelp@worldbookonline.com with your account name, a request to integrate with Google, and provide your G Suite domain or domains

Login URL: https://worldbookonline.com

Click here to download a Google slide overview.

Secondary School Overview

Overview of the World book resources for middle and high schools: https://vimeo.com/708871198

World Book School Administrator

Each school subscribing to the CORE bundle assigned a school contact and resource administrator. For most schools, this person is the school librarian.  A direct email from World Book support was sent to this person with the administrator login credentials to access the administrator portal.  The school administrator was also provided with the school's World Book account number.

The administrator portal provides access to statics, reports, training, and resources such as direct urls to embed World Book graphics and widgets on webpages.  

Admin URL:  https://worldbookonline.com/myaccount 

World Book School Administrator Overview

Overview of the administrative portal features:  https://vimeo.com/708871576

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