LS2 Cataloging Training - Lite (7/10/18 Webinar Recording)

In this session, participants will be introduced to the new LS2 cataloging module that will be replacing the “On The Fly” process.  Join Sarah Simmons from TLC as she covers the basics of entering new titles and new items into the system, including how to import your vendor records.  Participants will learn successful practices to easily add items to the catalog in the new interface and features.  

NOTE: Participants must attend this “Lite” session before attending the next “Advanced” session. Sessions will be recorded for future reference.

  1. Overview of the new LS2 Cataloging interface

  2. Using LS2 Staff’s Titles & Items to:

    • Add/Edit/Delete tems

    • Add New Titles using the Fast Add process

  3. Generating Item Barcodes (NEW feature)

  4. Printing Item Barcodes and Spine Labels (New feature)

  5. The importance of the ISBN to your title records

  6. Using LS2 Cataloging to complete your basic tasks:

    • The Landing Page (Where You Start)

    • How to Import Records, from start to finish