Through the Librarians' Corner email tool in Blackboard (, you are able to send emails to everyone in the Librarians' Corner, individuals, or groups.  

The following groups have been established in the Librarians' Corner:

  1. Elementary-Central
  2. Elementary-Hawaii
  3. Elementary-Honolulu
  4. Elementary-Kauai
  5. Elementary-Leeward
  6. Elementary-Maui
  7. Elementary-Windward
  8. Secondary-Central
  9. Secondary-Hawaii
  10. Secondary-Honolulu
  11. Secondary-Kauai
  12. Secondary-Leeward
  13. Secondary-Maui
  14. Secondary-Windard

Instructions to send emails

  1. Login to Blackboard at using your employee id and web password.
  2. Click on 'Librarians' Corner' under 'My Organizations'.
  3. From the left navigation bar, under Collaborative Tools, select 'Email'
  4. Select one of the options to send your email to.  The "Select Group" option will allow you select from the groups listed above, who the email will go to.  For example, if you would like to send an email to all the Maui librarians, select the 'Elementary-Maui' and 'Secondary-Maui' groups.  If you want to send an email to all the secondary schools across the state, you would select all the groups that start with 'Secondary-."

  5. Fill in the Email Information and click 'Submit' to send the email.