The data collection module, Library•Solution Realtime Inventory (RTI), also known as LS2 Inventory on the LS2 Launch Page, allows you to scan the items on your library shelves, posting the date inventoried to each item’s record in the Library•Solution database, and process as many exceptions as possible in real time while you have the items in your hand.

The RTI process is two parts: Scanning Your Collection and Processing Missing Items. This handout lays out the procedures for each process. A report can be run at the end of the inventory process to view the items marked as missing.

Start with your smallest collection first to familiarize yourself with the process. It is also helpful, before any items are scanned, to run the Items in a Holdings Code report found in LS2 Reports. If you find any call number or holdings code errors (odd or incorrect numbers out of order, wrong collection), correct the errors before starting your inventory.

Download the attached pdf for more instructions.