Searchasaurus, Kids Search and Student Research Center has been discontinued as of July 1, 2016 and replaced with Explora.   EBSCO has updating each school's EBSCOhost site with following default Explora search setups.

Explora HS – History Reference Center, MAS Complete, Topic Search, Newspaper Source Plus, Health Source Consumer Edition, Consumer Health Complete, Topic Overviews 6-12, Points of View, Read IT, Literary Reference Center Plus, Science Reference Center


Explora Middle School - Middle Search Plus, History Reference Center, Topic Search, Science RC, Newspaper Source Plus, Topic Overviews 6-12


Explora Primary School – Primary Search, Funk & Wagnall’s New World Encyclopedia, Topic Overviews k-5, American Heritage Dictionary


Explora Teacher Resources – Academic Search Premier, ERIC, Teacher Reference Center, Professional Development Collection


Explora Academic Journals – Academic Search Premier, Advanced Placement Source


If schools would like to change their Explora settings, please contact EBSCO Support at