FAQs will be added as inventory questions are received.
  • Do we need to inventory only one holding code at a time? 
No, you may select multiple holding codes to inventory.  However, if you select more than one holding code, you will not be able to "Check Shelf Order".

  • Will we hear an audio confirmation that an item was scanned and properly inventoried?  
No, the only audio signal that you may receive from the Real-Time Inventory module are for errors.  Note: The Internet browser needs to be configured to allow for these signals to occur. 

  • Can we scan barcodes in a .txt file then upload the saved .txt file to the Real-Time Inventory module?
    No, Real Time Inventory is designed to input one item at a time. This can be done through any connected (logged in), wireless device with a scanner attached.

  • Is it possible to open up the same user account and run an inventory with multiple computers logged into the same account?
    Yes.  You may simultaneously use multiple computers logged into the same user account to inventory the same holdings code.

  • Does the RTI module only look at the holdings code, not the call number, to determine if the item belongs in the current inventory "group"?

When in RTI, holdings codes need to be selected (or a single holdings code if having shelf order checked) to let the system know which holdings code it's matching against for inventory. As such, yes, the RTI module is only looking at the holdings code to determine if the item scanned is within the current inventory "group".

  • Does the RTI module only look at the call number, specifically class and cutter, for "check shelf order" purposes?  Not the title?

The RTI module is only looking at the call number for the purposes of checking shelf order, and does not include the title.

  • What specifically does clicking on "reset shelf order" do?

Clicking Reset Shelf Order lets the system know that you've acknowledged that the item that had just been scanned was not in the proper shelf order, and allows you to then continue onward with Shelf Order checking. Not selecting to reset after an out-of-shelf-order item will then make all subsequent items be seen by the system as out of order.

  • Would I be able to start inventory even if  not all the books are returned yet? 

You don't have to wait until all books are returned to begin and finalize the inventory process.  Status of items upon inventory completion may be missing (was available and not scanned in inventory), lost, lost: staff action, lost: automated long overdue processing, checked out, overdue, ....  When the item is returned, check it in using the LS2 staff module and the system will update the status to available.  Note:  You may be prompted to "waive charges", depending on the circumstances of the newly returned item.