LS2 Real-Time Inventory is a two-step process:

Step 1: Scan items in a particular holdings code or collection; Step 2: Identify missing items.

TIP 1: Start with the holdings code with the least amount of items to familiarize yourself with the process. You may use the LS2 Report “Count of Items by Holding Codes and Major Classifications” to determine the smallest collection.

TIP 2: Configure the Internet browser to allow pop-up windows from, as error messages appear in pop-up windows. Please also be aware that you may be prompted to allow an application (VLC Web) to run AFTER the first pop-up error message. Allowing this application to run will provide audio signals for future errors.

It is also recommended to keep an Inventory Scan Log to keep track of beginning/end dates and barcode numbers. You may make a copy of the LS2 Real-Time Inventory Log TEMPLATE for this purpose or create a similar one.

A two-page LS2 Real-Time Inventory guide may be printed for reference.