Step-by-step tutorial about creating a custom carousel for the YouSeeMore page.

Step 1: Login to LS2 PAC using xxxadmin account.

Step 2: Search for desired items.  NOTE:  Works best if saved search contains less than than 100 titles.

Step 3: Click on “Save Search” >> name the search >> Select “Save as config search” >> Click on “Save”

Step 4: Click on “Library’s Account” at top, right >> Click on “Saved Searches” tab >> Click on RSS Feed icon for appropriate saved search.


Step 5: Copy url for RSS Feed (similar to

Step 6: Submit RSS Feed url and request via a TLC Support ticket to have a custom carousel added to the school library’s YouSeeMore site.

Step 7: After TLC adds the custom carousel, make sure it is “included” in the YSM location setup:

Login to YouSeeMore admin account.

Click on “Location Setup” then locate “Please check the items you wish to include from saved LS2 PAC RSS feeds.” at the bottom.  Select appropriate custom carousel.