Summary of rreport view versus shortcut for LS2 Reports.

Click on “Home” icon to get back to the “Public Folders”.

Reports in the “Public Folders” are utilized by all HIDOE LS2 users.

Users should use the “Report View” for “favorite” or frequently used reports in “My Folders”. Do NOT use the “Shortcut” option.

Report View (Recommended)

Shortcut (Do NOT Use)

Report view is a personal, schedulable version of the desired report. TLC-revisions applied to the original report will be reflected on the report view only after the report view is re-run.

A link to the original report. If TLC makes a revision to this report, the revision will instantly be applied to the Shortcut. If TLC deletes this report, the Shortcut will be broken or the report will no longer be available for use.

Available for all reports.

Not available for all reports.

May edit properties reportsProperties.png

(including prompt values).

Do NOT edit properties because

changes will affect the entire HIDOE.

May schedule to automatically run at designated date(s)/time(s)/occurrence(s).reportsSchedule.png

Not able to schedule.

To add a report view to “My Folders”:

  1. Find desired report.

  2. Click on window or “Create a report view” icon.

  3. Rename and/or edit description, screen tips, if desired. Recommend minimal changes to Name to help identify the original report in the future.

  4. Click on “Select My Folders” in Location section.

  5. Click “Finish”.

To add a shortcut to “My Folders”:

  1. Find desired report.

  2. Click on “More” (located at far, right of row).

  3. Click on “Create a shortcut to this entry…”

  4. Name, description, or screen tip edits are not recommended.

  5. Click on “Select My Folders” in Location section.

  6. Click “Finish”.


Copying a report is NOT recommended because TLC-changes to the original report will not be reflected in copies.