If you are a DOE staff member trying to login with your username and password and are having trouble logging in using Firefox as your browser, we recommend the following solutions:

A.  Make sure you have the latest version of Firefox.  Click on this link to get the latest update.

B.  Clear the cache:

  1. To access the browser history:
    • In MacOS: Go to the History menu, and click Clear Recent History.
    • In Windows: Go to the Firefox menu, hover your mouse over the History option, and select Clear Recent History.
  2. From Time range to clear, select Everything.
  3. Click Clear Now.
  4. Refresh the current page.

C. If you are still unable to login, you can try using a different web browser.  See "Recommended Browsers to use with the Digital Library" article under the "FAQs" section on this website or click here to view a list of compatible browsers.